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I recently had the opportunity to chat with Walter Pollard, founder and CEO of Brand Fuzion, a company dedicated to bridging the gap between Marketing and Sales to grow revenue in the digital age. Walter offered us a preview of his expertise on how modern selling techniques can help Sales better align with today’s customers.

Modernizing your selling techniques with sales enablement

From a digital perspective, many Sales reps are already leveraging multiple selling techniques, such as different forms of social selling, to attract and connect with prospects and customers. The problem with this approach arises when Sales are not effectively aligned with buyers’ roles and their journeys to drive engagement through business impact, valuable insights, and outcomes. In today’s world, we are constantly challenged to leverage all the prospecting channels available to us and prepare for customer interactions in a timely manner. Sales require a 360-degree view of the buyer that they can quickly access and consume for what they need to know, do, say, and show.  This means you should be able to know where to get the information you need within 30 to 60 seconds. Having the right information at the right moment is the key to creating strong connections with your prospects. Start modernizing your selling strategy by understanding the type of information you should be utilizing before talking to a customer:

  • Just-in-time learning: information that can be accessed right before a buyer’s interaction

  • Micro-content: short bits of information and content in all types of mediums

  • On-demand learning: access to easily digestible, actionable, and effective information anytime, anywhere

Sales enablement ensures you connect with your prospects in an insightful manner and helps to shorten the sales cycle to close more deals.

Increasing your productivity with digital playbooks

With digital playbooks, all the information you need to drive your sales strategy is available at your fingertips. Eliminate the need to spend hours creating your own content and instead leverage ready-made, strategic assets that will help you align with your customer in a digital perspective. Digital playbooks provide easy access to the core messaging, ongoing training and development, sales manager coaching, metrics, internal content, and customer-facing assets you need to be successful.

Having a system or way to gather information quickly makes for simpler retention and saves time for digital sellers. It is also important that the tools used to deliver digital playbooks work to Sales’ advantage by providing extensive functionality and on-demand information. By increasing effectiveness and efficiency, you can focus your time on engaging with prospects and fostering connections that lead to more opportunities and sales.

Why you should be excited about modernizing your sales approach

When Marketing and Sales organizations are siloed, the company’s sales suffer, and valuable time is wasted replicating efforts. By unifying the digital programs that connect Sales and Marketing, you will enhance your ability to be more successful. Collaboration across these two organizations also provides enhanced value to the seller through digital means.