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The purpose of this document is to explain the steps needed to enable the "Donut Chart" options on the Custom OWL screens (usually created on the Custom BOs).

Before we get into the details of the technical steps, let's understand few things about the Donut Chart representation on the OWL screen.

Donut Chart representation on the OWL screen is nothing but the advanced search representation in the Donut Chart form.

However, not all fields can be represented in Donut Chart format. There are few defined CCTS type fields for which this feature works. I will describe those type later in the blog.

Lets see the steps to enable the Donut Chart format data:

Step 1: First step is to create an advanced search filter on the OWL screen. There are already good blogs on the same.

Providing the links of them below:

  1. Creating Advanced search filter via SADL query : Link

  2. Creating Advanced search filter via Normal query : Link


Step 2: Enable the "ShowInSimpleFindFrom" property for the fields for which you want to enable the donut chart feature.

Select the field in the advance search form in the UI designer of the Cloud Application studio. Under the properties view, set the value of the parameter "ShowInSimpleFindForm" as "True".


Same needs to be repeated for all the fields you want to represent in Donut Chart Form.


Step 3: Save and Activate the changes.

Log into the Sales/Service Cloud tenant and navigate to the respective OWL screen. Donut Icon should be enabled now. Click on the Donut Icon to see the data of the respective fields.



Note: Following CCTS type data are supported for the Donut Chart Format representation:

  1. Code

  2. Date

  3. Note

  4. Name

  5. Datetime

  6. Identifier

  7. Description

  8. Indicator 9

  9. Text