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I am extremely excited to say that Emarsys have just announced the latest Autumn Product Release!

At Emarsys we have three releases a year and this will be the final major release of 2022.

We now have a new Product Release Page hosted directly on our website, which showcases all of our latest and greatest features, products and updates in the platform.

Dive into the training videos which dissect everything included in the release.

Expect to find:

  • New consumer product tactics

  • An enhanced user experience in the platform

  • Integration: Commerce Plug-in and Account Engagement

  • Self-Serve Value Measurement

  • Real-Time Web Personalization

We also have some documentation here if you’d like to read up more on the features 😊

I would love to hear your thoughts about this latest release so feel free to reply to this post with your comments and questions.

If you enjoyed this post check out mattlloydy97 or follow the SAP Emarsys Community Page to stay up to date with future Emarsys releases, events and more!

Until then, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy watching the training videos.