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You can display business partner relationships in different formats in the SAP GUI.

How to use this functionality?

This is achieved by changing the value of "Format" field.

  • As a list:

    You can see all the relationships of a business partner for all relationship categories, or select a particular relationship type to display the relationships of that relationship category.

  • As a hierarchy:

    In the hierarchical display format, you can see all the relationships of a business partner belonging to each relationship type you have selected on a specified key date (1:n view).

    You can also select the appropriate display level in order to display a complex relationship set for a BP. By right-clicking on the BP in the relationships, you can display its incoming/outgoing relationships.

  • As a network:

    All the relationships of a business partner of a selected relationship type on a specified Key Date (1:n view) are displayed graphically. The business partners are represented as nodes, and the business partner relationships are represented as lines between the nodes.

    You can select the display level here, and use buttons to enlarge or reduce the display.
    You can choose between portrait and landscape format when displaying relationships. For example, I choose horizon display:

    The graphical display format also allows you to view all the incoming and outgoing business partner relationships as well as the relationships for additional business partners simultaneously. For example, BP 472 is contact person for 6000000971 and 6000002723, and it also has contact person 6000003397:

Is this supported in CRM WEBUI?

This functionality is only available in SAP GUI, and not available in CRM WEBUI.

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