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Researching a company or assessing your own company and figuring out where its gaps and opportunities are can take a significant amount of time. The FLASH Enterprise Retail Maturity Assessment is a new, free tool from the Retail Value Advisory team that helps you do broad, strategic, end-to-end company capability discovery and benchmarking faster. It aims to accelerate and influence company engagements and understanding while generating valuable insights and thought leadership. Currently, FLASH is for retail companies and customers, with additional industries to launch in 2024.

In summary, FLASH will allow you to:

  • Identify a company's business gaps

  • Uncover a company's business opportunities

  • Generate insights about where a company should prioritize its transformation areas 

  • Deliver best practices with strategic recommendations to drive valuable business outcomes

FLASH lives in the Value Lifecycle Manager for SAP and partner users and online for companies and customers. It features an unprecedented model that automatically scores, calculates and measures companies against industry benchmarks. In less than 20 minutes, users can answer 15 questions across enterprise topics including customer data, service, customer experience, marketing and personalization, merchandising, supply chain, financial management, human resources, business strategy and sustainability. Following are visuals from the tool:

Question Dashboard

Sample Question

Once complete, users receive an immediate, personalized company report with insights, recommendations and best practices. 

Personalized Report - Overall Score

Personalized Report - Strengths & Opportunities

Personalized Report - Score Table

Personalized Report - Best Practice Content

To get started:

  • Register for FLASH on Value Lifecycle Manager (VLM) and start a Benchmarking Retail assessment at
    (if you're an SAP user) or online at if you lead a brand or you are an SAP customer.

  • Take your FLASH assessment for or with your customer by answering the questions covering topics across the enterprise. You may want to invite a colleague or collaborate with a customer to help answer some of the questions. 

  • Click Generate/Download Report to get a customized report within 5 seconds showing company gaps and areas of opportunity.

  • Click on the topic links in the report to receive a best practice PDF with recommendations.

  • Customers can request a free report review with an expert advisor.

  • Provide feedback on your experience via the survey.

Learn more about FLASH here.

Reach out with questions to: