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When checking the result list of an interactive report, search or extraction, we may be surprised about why this transaction is here or why some kinds of transactions are not here, and then try our best to look for patterns. Oh, the transactions with *** status are filtered. Wow, just the transactions which were created before *** are in the result list.  Sometimes we are lucky enough and we find the real reason. But sometimes we are cheated by our eyes.

For example, we could find there are two incidents with status "withdrawn" and transaction type "ZIMN"in the system.

But when extracting data with datasource /crmbw/oltp_srv_request without any selection

I get the following

So the transactions with transaction type "ZIMN" could extracted, but the transactions with status "withdrawn" are filtered. And the transaction is filtered because of the status. Really? It seems to be that...

Let set a break point at class CL_CRM_REPORT_ACC_DYNAMIC -> database_access,

the datasource just extracts the documents, which meet the following selections.



3 CRMD_ORDER_INDEX~PARTNER_NO IN ('0000000171', '0000000214', '0000000216', '0000000218', '0000000220', '0000000222', '0000000224', '0000000227', '0000000228', '0000000229', '0000000230', '0000000231', '0000000232', '0000000252', '0000000252', '0000000262')

4 ( crmd_order_index~pft_5  = 'X' OR

5 crmd_order_index~pft_8  = 'X' )

And then compare those selections with the missing transactions, and find

for the missing documents, PARTNER_NO is not in ('0000000171', '0000000214', '0000000216', '0000000218', '0000000220', '0000000222', '0000000224', '0000000227', '0000000228', '0000000229', '0000000230', '0000000231', '0000000232', '0000000252', '0000000252', '0000000262'), so they are not extracted by the datasource /CRMBW/OLTP_SRV_REQUEST.

So our assumption is not correct but database_access tells the real reason.

Hope the break point at database_access make your life easy as well.