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Dear consultants,

I came to a problem like this:

1. ERP stock has 100 pieces of product A. (ERP, T-code CO09)

2. In CRM order, add item 10 with product A, quantity 100 pieces, hit enter, ATP check result is ok, ATP light is green, so far it is ok.

3. Then add item 20 with same product A, 100 pieces, enter, ATP check is ok, light is green too <------------!!!!(not expected)

Customer expects quantity can be reserved after inputting item 10, and item 20 ATP check should not pass.

Finally, I found that this can be controlled on ERP, via T-code OVZ2, you can set up "Block QtRq" for relevant group.


1. Why did I write this blog?

    SD-BF-AC colleagues/ consultants might be very familiar to T-code OVZ2, but for CRM colleagues, some times we cannot think of this customizing place.

    So I share it here for your reference. For similar issue, this should be a good start.

2. What is OVZ2?

    You can refer to SD-BF-AC note: 1918247 - Blocking concept during the availability check

3. In this blog, I used R/3 ATP check scenario.

Hope the information can be helpful for you.

If you have more detailed information or comments for this topic, welcome to share together and appreciate in advance.

Best regards,