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With release 1802 SAP Cloud for Customer allows to configure the re-approval process for sales quotes using workflow rules. This blog provides a simple example configuration.

Active Approval Process

An approval process is set up. In this example approval is required for sales quotes with a Total value exceeding 100.000 USD.

Activate Scoping

Business Configuration -> Scoping Element: Sales -> New Business -> Sales Quotes: Tick question “Do you want to control the reset of the approval status and output status via workflow rules?”

The business option Re-Submit of Sales Quotes allows your company to control the approval status and/or the output status once a quote was already approved.  Without selecting this scoping question, each change in the quote (besides adding an attachment) changes the Approval Status to "Not Started" and an additional submit of the quote for approval and output is required to further process the quote.

The automatic reset of these status on nearly any modify is deactivated by this scoping question. Instead, the reset can be configured based on conditions in the workflow rules via actions Reset Submit (both approval and output status) or action Reset Output Status (only output status).

Note, a reset of the approval status is not possible if a quote with bi-directional replication to SAP on premise system exists.  In the replication scenario that sends a C4C quote to SAP ERP, the quote output is controlled via SAP ERP. An approval process in this scenario allows you to transferred the quote from C4C to ERP only once the quote is approved or if approval is not necessary. Once replicated the quote approval is no longer active for this quote.


Workflow Rule Actions

Define workflow rule via work center Administrator -> Workflow Rules.

Define conditions that should trigger a re-approval via workflow rule and select the action that should trigger the re-approval.

Reset Submit: The action will reset the approval status from “Approval Not Necessary” or “Approved” to "Not started". This includes the output status. Action Submit needs to be triggered by the user again to further process the quote.

Reset Output Status: The action will reset the output status (confirmation issue status). The approval status stays "Approved" or "Approval Not Necessary ". The submit action will generate a new output document without running an additional approval process.



Configure Workflow Rules

1) Reset Output Status (only optional)

If you want to reset the output status on each change of the quote to allow the user to submit the quote again to the customer, you can define the following configuration. Note, in case you like to avoid that an approved quote should be submitted again, then this workflow rule should not be customized.

(Side remark: Resubmit of already submitted quote is supported via Output facet in sales quote.)


2) Reset Submit if Approval Not Necessary

Example: Quote should require an approval process, if changes are approval relevant. If the quote gets changed after it was submitted, without the workflow rule configuration it stays in Approval Status “Approval Not Necessary”.

With this rule, a quote in status “Approval Not Necessary” is reset to “Not Started” if the changed quote data requires an approval after saving the changed quote.  New condition “Approval Required” allows to control this behavior in the sales quote.


3) Reset Submit if Approved

Example: Quote should require an additional approval process, if Total value of quote, that was already approved, is increased by a change in the quote.

3a) When a quote is approved, an additional workflow rule sets the Total (approval condition) to an extension field. In this example the extension field “Estimated Amount GW” will be copied from the Total value field, once the quote has been approved.

3b) If the approved quote is changed, the approval status is reset only if the changed Total in the quote is larger than the Total that was initially approved.


Once the conditions are met the quote Approval Status will change to “Not Started” after saving the quote. Submit action is then enabled.