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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
In the open seas of ever-changing customer demand and fluid business requirements, know that no SAP customer, including you, is an island. With users to support, new capabilities to deploy, entire organizations to organize, and business goals to meet, the “lone wolf” approach is not possible with enterprise software and services such as SAP. Nor should it be. Success in business and technology usually involves community and engagement; sharing and documenting ideas and investments of time and energy to find the best approach and together achieve.

The value of community

Organizations usually have more meetings and idea exchanges than they can count; that model should and does exist in the community resources at SAP. While you may be isolated in your organization in the sense that no one there can help with an SAP question or training, you are among experts when you engage with the SAP Cloud for Customer Community. There, you will find many SAP resources, such as:

  • Product overviews of SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud

  • Release information, including the SAP Roadmap, recent “what’s new” webcasts, release notes, release dates, and access to the Upgrade Center

  • Enablement and learning resources such as the Engagement Program (more about that below), webcasts, the newsletter, customer community events, microlearning videos, and learning journeys

  • Blogs and questions: opportunities for you to ask questions, find answers to your questions, learn directly from the SAP product team, and write your own expert blogs

  • Expert help and support such as CX Works, the SAP Help Portal, the Onboarding Resource Center, the Support Portal, and the SAP One Support Launchpad

The SAP Cloud for Customer Community is a portal of portals of a wealth of content available to help you succeed with SAP and achieve your business goals. Now, access it and see!

The SAP Quarterly Engagement Program: a roadmap for your roadmap

Many of us may feel overly scheduled, but if it’s any consolation, the opposite problem of having no schedule, plan or structure while still being held responsible for planning, productivity, results, and reporting is much worse.

That’s why we offer the SAP Quarterly Engagement Program for SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud, which includes a release calendar of every event, training, communication, survey, webcast, and documentation that SAP will provide quarterly for each major release, with hyperlinks to learn more about each item. Even though we regularly produce SAP releases and all supporting materials, it’s better to know in advance our plan, so that you can plan.

Beyond the SAP Quarterly Engagement Program for SAP Sales Cloud and SAP Service Cloud calendar, we also list in the slides following the calendar every resource available to our customers. That includes all past and future webcasts, tutorials, courses, roadmaps, release notes, support resources, and community resources.

Now you can plan your work and work your plan for engagement with SAP, because it’s on your calendar. Structure can be a good thing.

For even more information, we suggest you also visit the SAP Customer Experience engagement page, which will guide you to a deeper understanding of your SAP Customer Experience solution and a more streamlined enablement experience. If you have a specific question, post it on the Ask a Question page; experts at SAP and in the SAP user community are there to help.