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By using campaign or campaign automation, it is possible to send customers a survey via E-mail and evaluate customer's answers for the survey, so that the

marketing employees can better understand customer's interests. Further, they can put the customers with same kind of interest into one target group and set up specific marketing activities for this kind of customers to improve the effency. The first thing we need to do is creating a survey.

1. Goto CRM Survey Suite with T-code CRM_SURVEY_SUITE. Here we need to create a survey under Marketing Application.

2. Here we need to maintain the survey's title, description, also add the questions and answers into the survey. Below is an example:

3. Choose proper attributes for the survey. Please note we need to enter Function module CRM_MKTCA_SURVEY_MKT_PBO and CRM_MKTCA_SURVEY_MKT_PAI as this survey's PBO and PAI Function Module. This is very important. If we choose anything else, customer's response

to this survey can not be recorded for further evaluation. Also flag "Evaluation without Business Information Warehouse" should be checked.

When confirm the entered attributes, there will be a warning like "The name of the function module should be of type 'CRM_SVY_..._PBO'". Please ignore it.

4. After everything is done, we can activate this survey. Then generate a URL for this survey. This survey URL will be used when creating mail form. So please record this URL into your notepad.