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There are multiple channels to address Requests and Issues related to C4C, which shall be used dependent on the category. Please use the described channels to address your requests in the most efficient way.

If possible provide your request and all relevant information in English, in order to process your request quickly.

You can use the Excel sheet to manage your requests and issues, and for communicating them with your Customer Engagement Executive and Platinum Engineer. Provide the required information in English using the Excel sheet available here.


In case you require support of an experienced C4C consultant in your project, you should contact your Sales contact and Customer Engagement Executive (CEE) and provide the timelines and the area in which you require the support.

Check the Partner Coaching service:

Check Useful Partner Information:

In addition you should also check the SAP Community Network (SCN), there might be already a best practice document, blog post or a question related to your question. If you don’t find anything related to your questions, you can post your question in SCN and benefit of our community. SAP Cloud for Customer on SCN:


If you encounter a defect in C4C, you should report an incident in the tenant where the defect occurs. You need to provide exact details of the encountered defect:

  • Provide detailed defect description
  • Provide exact steps to reproduce
  • Specify expected behavior
  • Specify if all or only some user are affected – provide User IDs if only some user are affected (no Passwords)
  • Specify which Object and Instances are affected
  • Specify what devices and User Interfaces are affected
  • Provide your contact details (email address and phone number)
  • Provide the business impact in case of priority “Very High”

Don’t forget to check the checkbox “Forward to Provider” if you raise an incident as a key user, or select the action “Send to Provider” if the incident was raised by a business user. Otherwise the incident will not be sent to SAP for processing.

When communicating with SAP via email or phone regarding an incident you should always provide the external reference ID of the incident. The (internal) ID of the incident is not unique across all C4C tenants.

If you want to raise the priority of the incident or it is not possible to raise incidents in the tenant, you should call the Support hotline. See local numbers below.


Telephone number


011 800 6632 5683


00 800 6632 5683

Canada (English/ French)

011 800 6632 5683


00 800 6632 5683


00 800 6632 5683


00 800 6632 5683


00 800 6632 5683


000800 100 8611


00 800 6632 5683


010 800 6632 5683


01800 1233259


00 800 6632 5683

New Zealand

00 800 6632 5683

Switzerland (English/ French/ German)

00 800 6632 5683

United Kingdom

00 800 6632 5683

United States


You can also contact us on the following number from any location: +1 855-666-3256

(Service in English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Mandarin).

Additionally you can contact your CEE if you have further questions or things do not work out as expected. The CEE is your main contact for C4C related topics.

Custom Development

For custom development requests, check the service offering on SAP Business Center ( and contact SAP Cloud Service Center (

New Requirement

New requirements for C4C shall be posted in SAP Idea Place ( The community can vote for posted ideas to help SAP to understand the customer needs. Most voted ideas are reviewed regularly for standard functionality.

You should provide a detailed description of the requirement and use cases with UI mockups, so that SAP knows exactly what you request. Otherwise your request might be misunderstood and development effort is invested for the wrong things.

Important: Incidents must not been used for Requirements Requests!

In case of critical requirements you should additionally contact your CEE and/or Platinum Engineer and provide a detailed Requirement and Use Case Description in English.