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User wants to  copy some part from spreadsheet ,and paste them on the table which is in the C4C  system.

This is easy clipboard, the only thing user need to do is to copy the data from spreadsheet , then select the first cell of the part they want to paste in and paste it.



C4C Sales Quotes →Product ( Before paste):

Please note that the cursor should be in the first cell of the part which is you want to edit.

C4C Sales Quotes →Product(After paste):


Since user want to do part paste like what is already implemented in the SAP GUI, we choose the simplest implement way as below flow chart.

Flow Chart

1.User copy data from spreadsheet.

2.User select the first cell of the part which is they want to edit.

3.User paste data in it.

4.When user paste some data from clipboard , we will capture this event and replace it with our own logic.

a.Get data from clipboard.

b.Separate data by separator such as 'tab' '\n'.

c.Get data from table which is editing by user, the editing table is defined by the cursor in which table.

d.Change the data to the table based on cursor and clipboard data.



e.Do special handle for special scenarios such as currency & unit or checkbox , select list....

5.User need to handle some exception scenarios which cannot be handled by program.


1.Attach an event 'paste' to the table(UI5 component) after table rendered.

2.Write handler to do logic which is mentioned above.