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Sometimes is a little confusing how to customize the Sales Area templates assigned to the Account. Here you have a quick configuration description:


1st Step:

Template Types: Working with accounts, the relevant template type is CRM_SALES, assigned to BUPA object.

IMG: “Define Template Types for Business Partner”




2nd Step:

IMG: “Assign Mini-Template Types to Template Types”: The sales-area-dependent mini-templates types to be used in the Template Type:


These sales-area-dependent mini-templates types are defined in customizing entry:

IMG: “Define Mini-Template Types for Business Partner” as 


3rd Step:

After this you should maintain the sales-area-independent mini-templates (attributes) and sales-area-dependent mini-templates (sales area):

IMG “Maintain Mini-Templates”.



4th Step:

Now, with the sales-area-independent mini-templates  (ex: ZBELSHATT) and sales-area-dependent mini-templates (ZBELSHSA) created, the template to be assigned when maintaining an account can be created in the following customizing:

IMG: “Assign Mini-Templates to Templates”

1º Create the template name:

2º Assign the sales-area-dependent mini-template created



Maintaining sales area data in accounts in the WebUI can be done using the templates: “New from Template”