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SAP Ariba Connect is the main support platform for SAP Ariba customers and partners. As of November 22nd, 2021, users will need to use an S-user ID to access SAP Ariba Connect.

S-user IDs are created and maintained by the company’s Administrators with User Management authorizations. The Administrator will maintain the S-users in the User Management application on the SAP ONE Support Launchpad which they can directly access from SAP Ariba Connect.

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3121688 - S-user authorizations for Designated Support Contact (DSC) access or Basic access

The DSCs will also be responsible for supporting end users with any queries and initiating with our Technical Support teams through SAP Ariba Connect. For further guidance on submitting Cases, please visit the Working with Support tile on SAP Ariba Connect.

When the Administrator creates an S-user ID, they will need to assign the S-user with the "Display Cloud Data" authorization for the SAP Ariba installation so the user can have basic access to SAP Ariba Connect.

For someone to become a DSC, the Admin will need to assign additional authorizations (listed below) to the S-user:

  • Report an Incident

  • Close

  • Send Incidents to SAP

  • Display Incidents

  • Display All Incidents

If your company works with a Partner who manages SAP Ariba Connect Cases on your behalf, the Cloud Administrator(s) can manage this relationship through the Service Partner User (SPU) application, which is also available on the SAP One Support Launchpad.

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