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I recently spoke to a friend who is in charge of operations for an Online Retailer, asking him about the current situation now that, due to the Coronavirus, most physical stores have closed and their online store is now their main sales outlet.

His answer: "It's like Black Friday, but every day!"

If like him, you are also dealing with increased traffic, here are five low effort tips that may come in handy:


1.  Activate and Configure the CMS Cache

The most performant code is that which is not executed.  Many CMS Components will not change after the first time they are generated and can be re-used. In OnPrem installations the cache is not activated by default, and new components will require configuration.

See the CMS Component Caching section in the help pages.

2. Use Next-Gen Formats for your Media

You might be used to using Media in GIF, JPG or PNG format for your storefront.  But did you know that there are much more efficient Formats which would dramatically reduce your bandwidth usage?   These Next-Gen Formats (WebP, JPEG 2000 and JPEG XR)

3. Perform a Spring Cleanup

The platform and added components create a fair amount of logs and audit objects, and with time these objects can become millions, adding unnecessary load to the DB.

See the  Data Maintenance and Cleanup article in CXWorks for more information on how to perform a one time clean-up and to create Retention Policies to automatically remove unneeded assets.

4. Get on the latest Patch Level

Many performance and security improvements are introduced with the latest patch levels, which can be integrated with small development effort.

Visit the Support Launchpad to download Support Packages and Patches

5. Monitor Performance in Dynatrace

SAP Commerce Cloud in the Public Cloud includes access to Dynatrace, an amazing APM Tool.  Study usage peaks to see where your application is struggling and which request Controllers require improvement, via the code level analysis feature.


Remember to always test all changes in a staging environment before applying them in Production.

Need more help? Get in touch with us if you are interested in scheduling a Performance Review