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Welcome to the 1911 User Assistance blog - the last for this year!

We decided to wrap up the year by focusing mainly on the Help Portal, and highlighting a few handy features that might have escaped your notice.

The sheer number of help resources on the Help Portal can be overwhelming for the occasional visitor, who, let’s be honest, isn't going there to browse and explore, but in search of HELP!!!!
So here’s a couple of tips and tricks that can make life easier.

Help Portal Search - More Reliable Than Google – Try It!

Most of us just ask Google when we want to know something, anything, even SAP stuff. And the results can be staggering, hundreds, often thousands of hits! You just have to find the needle in the haystack.
Believe it or not, now it’s far faster to use the SAP Marketing Help Portal Search if you are looking for Marketing information.
The search function has been greatly improved and now returns much more reliable hits, listed by newest first, so you know you’re looking at the most current content. For best results, enter your search term in “quotes”. Try it out for yourself.

Download Custom PDFs

Have you noticed the PDF download function over on the top-right when you open a document on the Help Portal?

This lets you download either the whole document or selected sections of a document to print off or store on the desktop.


And now for a couple of 1911 Highlights

  • New Tutorial
    It’s always worth browsing the tutorial library and our YouTube channel to keep up-to-date with new releases.
    One of the latest additions is Providing Personalized Recommendations in Emails showing you how, with SAP Marketing Cloud Recommendation, you can engage customers by acting upon recent purchases to drive conversions with personalized emails.

  • Integration Scenarios - Dynamic Sort and Filter
    We added dynamic tables to the Integration Scenarios topics, to make it easier to find your way around the growing number of integration options.

  • New Look for the Feature Scope Description (FSD)
    Navigation to the various versions of the FSD is much faster now thanks to the new graphical access page

    As always, thanks for reading and for any feedback.

    Joan for the UA team