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In the recent years, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the hottest areas of IT spend; as per Gartner reports, CRM software revenue amounted to 39.5 billion USD in 2017. With GDPR coming into effect in 2018, it is expected that the cost of being compliant will increase the spend in CRM area as more and more enterprises evolve the way they store customer information and how they use it. With majority of customers becoming wary of privacy, businesses will have to innovate on how to drive more sales and engage with the customer effectively, in a service cycle with limited data-set available to them. Some research predicts that CRM spend will reach as much as 81 billion USD by 2025.

SAP announced launch of new product suite called SAP C/4 HANA in SAPPHIRE’18. In 2016, SAP brought all its cloud based CRM products under the umbrella of SAP Hybris. Now they are evolving their Cloud CRM portfolio to an integrated product suite called SAP C/4HANA. In this new product suite, SAP shifts its focus from erstwhile B2B and B2C scenarios, to what it calls as Me2B. ‘Me’ in Me2B refers to – Customer and B to Business; Thus it will be Customer to Business, indicating customer takes the center seat. This is a paradigm shift in the area of CRM, as henceforth CRM is not curtailed only to SFA (Sales Force Automation) or efficiency improvement of Sales & Marketing teams which focuses no business effectiveness, but the focus is on intelligent customer engagement and effectiveness, where customer takes the driver seat.

Before we get into what is the new product suite has to offer, let us decode the name;

SAP C/4HANA à The “C” is for customer and “4” stands for fourth-generation CRM.  This suite runs on SAP cloud platform – the digital core, SAP S/4HANA. Hence, C/4 HANA is the Fourth generation CRM solution from SAP that is powered with AI and running on HANA in SAP Cloud Platform (SCP). How is this called 4th generation? The below infographic, explains the evolution of SAP CRM.


What is in C/4 HANA?

C/4 HANA, as described earlier is an integrated product suite of SAP’s CRM offerings on Cloud. This will tie the Hybris solutions that was erstwhile called CEC, together with recent acquisitions like Callidus, Gigya, CoreSystems etc., There are in all five Pillars under C4H. Below is a pictorial view of how the various CRM and related solutions will form the overall product suite to be offered by C/4 HANA.

Where does the solution components of CRM fits in to this new product suite?

SAP’s CRM Offerings:

While the C/4 HANA in itself is an integrated product suite, SAP has other products offering in the CRM space. Thus whichever segment an organization belong to – Large Enterprise or SME or Organization with Deep Industry specific process, whatever be the mode of operations – Cloud or On-premise or Hybrid, wherever be the focus area – Sales, Marketing, Service, Customer Master or Ecommerce, there is a product in SAP CRM offerings to cater to the need. Below picture tries to capture all the products offered by SAP under CRM umbrella.

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