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        Or Refer Custom program  - Custom program Instead of cg3y and cg3z with F4 help

  • In CRM, CG3Y transactions does not exists usually and use the transaction SXDA_TOOLS

Object Type: DXPROJECT

Program Type: BAPI

Program: CREATE

The above values are dummy info because the fields are mandatory to proceed , Then press the Copy file button (Copy).

  • Report program RSSM_TRANSFER_FILE_TO_APPSERV for moving the CSV file to the app server

PC file (file to be written): e.g: C:\Users\Edwin\Desktop\sample.csv

App.Serv.file (to be written): e.g: /usr/sap/BIY/SYS/global/sample.csv

AL11 - transaction for checking the files in the app server (like /usr/sap/Q93/SYS/global/ )