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Organization hierarchy from one CRM System to another CRM system is transported using the Report RHMOV30.

Organization hierarchy remains same in both the system when you execute this report.

Please follow below steps-

1. Transaction Code: SE38 Execute report RHMOVE30

2. Select Plan Version 01 & Object type ‘O’ (Organizational Unit)

3. Select the organization hierarchy of CRM System-1 which you need to transport in CRM System -2

4. You will find Transport Button. Here under TASK button select the transport request

5. Check mark on Transfer Objects.

6. Execute the report

7. You can find all the organization units which you wanted to transport into new system

8. Select transport & data will be saved in above customizing transport request.

9. This transport request you can send to new system same way as you send your normal request.

Same way you can transport positions (Use Object Type ‘Position’) under those organization units

If the Program transported the positions but not the Business Role Assignment (May be due to Object Lock);

Use Report, RHMOVE30 For delta transport (Please check this SAP Note:  548202; 327908)

Reference SAP Notes:

  • Note 548202 - Setup of CRM org. structure
  • Note 327908 - The transport system in the CRM/BBP system


It is not suggested to transport the organizational structure from one CRM system to the other CRM system in the same landscape.

For e.g. you have connected R/3 dev system to CRM dev system and the sales organizational structure is downloaded from R/3 to CRM.

You have to follow the similar approach between the R/3 QAS and CRM QAS and as well between R/3 PRD vs. CRM PRD.  This is the only suggested approach that keeps all the systems in sync.

Off course, if you have maintained org structure manually in CRM dev then you can think of migrating it to your QAS system.


If you sourced your org structure elsewhere, then you shouldn't migrate it. If you created it locally, then using ALE to move it is the way.

Run transaction PFAL and click on the Information icon to read all about it.


We use the T_Code: CRMC_ R/3 ORG GENERATE to replicate ORG structure from R/3 to CRM, once during the initial start of the project. This helps us to copy the ECC Sales structure. Also note Matrix structures cannot be mapped.

Please give your feedback. Hope this was helpful.

Thanks & Regards,

Dinesh Rupraj

SAP CRM Functional