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With System Upgrade SAP delivers a whole new set of features and functionality to the end users but it takes also takes away some of the GUI transactions from the end users. In case of CRM solutions , the same functionality would be available from the WebUI but for developers it is a pain because it was possible to debug the same functionality easily and with a lesser effort. But now with the transaction not available in the backend , we have to go through the tedious process for debugging through WebUI.

I am big fan of SAP tools available in the ABAP backend as they make the task of the developer much much easier. For me it is like playing in the familiar territory and easier to ramp-up on newer areas. For some days I was struggling to understand how to debug Info-sets in Marketing area and I came across transaction CRMD_MKTSEG to perform the segmentation in ABAP backend. But the Transaction was no longer available. So I looked for another system we have and I could execute the transaction CRMD_MKTSEG. Thank god I could run it but then I wanted to run the same transaction in my system to analyze my problem. So I came across an ingenious idea. I did the following

  • I went to the trx SE93 in my another system. The trx CRMD_MKTSEG was available
  • As the transaction was available , so was the underlying program in the se93 transaction information.(  CRM_MKTTG_SEG_UI_START )
  • So I copied the program and ran it in my actual system.
  • And then I continued on doing what I love to do what I love to do-running scenarios from ABAP backend.

So if you want don't find a transaction in any system , you just have to look for another system where it runs. Also I was surprised that surprised that SAP just removed the transaction and left the underlying program. Instead it could have easily left it for the developers and put an extra authority object so that only developers could use it.