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To perform this, first go to Tr. CRMS_IC_CROSS_SYS. Here one can find the URL of the required destination system like:-


Copy this URL and paste it in a notepad.

Now, on the event handler of the button click, set a flag and capture its value in the HTM page of the required view. One can take pointers from the following code :- 

<% if controller->open_clicked ne 'X' . %>

button id      = "OPEN"
design  =
onClick = "OPEN"
text    = "OPEN"
enabled =

<% endif . %>

<% if controller->open_clicked = 'X' .
controller->url =

iframe name = "ff" id ="ff" width = 800 height = 800 src = <%= controller->url . %> >
<% endif . %>

Here I’ve added a button using in the htm page of the view and on the event handler I’ve set a flag in the IMPL class. Based on the value of this flag the corresponding call to the URL is made in an iframe on the same page.

This opens up the SE11 transaction in an iframe on the same view. To open any transaction , replace ‘IC_LTXE’ in the URL with the required transaction.

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