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I have recently found that HP had released the much awaited Unified Functional Testing(UFT) software to replace their flagship offering QTP. I'm sharing my experience of run test on CRM UI with you  and hope to hear back on your experiences with similar products that you may have used.

I was able to download the trial version of UFT from HP website with 30 day demo licence. Installation went smoothly without any hiccups.

After initial settings the UFT was ready to be discovered.

Like in QTP, UFT presents screen to select addins required for Application Under Test(AUT)

I have choose SAP and Web addins. (Note: You need to install addins during initial installation, to be available at this stage)

UFT has a different interface and menu layout than QTP.

Select "Test" to create new test.

This view shows number of actions associated with the test. Being a simple test I have just one action. There can be multiple actions if required and they can be defined as re-use able to save development effort.

Some settings were required to connect to SAP.

Setting required for SAP GUI.

Settings required for CRM web portal

Once I had recorded the some basic steps of the process the script in expert view looked like the following screen-shot:

Please watch the video where I have played the script to see if the test was successful.

I found UFT can help in building a strong regression suite and can help in building confidence before transports are moved across the environment.

Automation helps in providing regression testing capabilities which can be further help build stronger change management and release management in an organisation.

There are many tutorials for QTP available on the web.

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