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I came across with an issue while working on one of our client. This according to me is very tricky issue for which we couldn’t judge the root cause right away. So I thought of sharing with the community.


1. You cannot find any employees using the letter "@" inside the feed

2. End users were unable to get any values under the Owner Value Help Selector.

As you can see in the below screenshot, when the end user clicked to open the Value Help to select the Owner for new Account to be created, no values were shown in the pop up.


This was happening because the end user was not able to access the Employee list. Business Roles for which these Business Users were assigned was lacking the access to the Work Center People.

Assigning this Work Center People (at least in Read Only Mode) into the Business Role resolved the problem.

Hope this will make the readers aware of the consequences of not assigning the Work Center People to the Business Role. 


To know more on "Administrator Analytics – Settings to view Reports" Kindly check the below documents.

Administrator Analytics – Settings to view Reports