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Hi All,

I am going to write this blog about how to set a default value to the drop down fields for any item type in backoffice.

In Backoffice, I have chosen the Product type, and while click on create a new product, we get a prepopulate window.

In that window, I have chosen Approval Status-which consists dropdown list, and made the value as approved by default.

Code Changes:


Here, we have qualifier name as approvalStatus.

2) D:\Hybris_6.1\HYBRISCOMM6100P_2-80001896\hybris\bin\platform\ext\catalog\resources\catalog-items.xml

In this file, find the qualifier name as approvalStatus. And provide the default value as approved.

As the approval status is an enum type, having type=”ArticleApprovalStatus”we can find the options in the drop down list as:

Once the code changes are done, ant clean all, server up and update the running system by selcecting backoffice, platformbackoffice.

Once the update is finished. Goto Backoffice->Catalog->Product.

While click on creation of a new product, you can able to see the Approval Status in drop down list is by default selected as “approved”.

If we are not selecting any value from drop down list, it is by default takes the approval status value as approved only.


Thanks for reading.