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Segmentation Basis in SAP CRM: Configuration & Authorization Setting


Segmentation is a business process to divide the customer base into different segments. It enables to effectively communicate and target the right ‘Target Group’ in an organization’s marketing activities like Campaign Management, Tele-Sales and Tele-Marketing. It is mainly used to identify and target the customers who meet specific condition to enable more focused and effective Campaign management. The steps Involved in segmentation are:

This document will discuss about the configuration & usage of segmentation basis in detail.

Segmentation Basis

In SAP CRM there is a concept of segmentation basis which is used to restrict the customer master data to an organization unit or a sales organization unit. The main purposes to consider segmentation basis are: a) Improved system performance b) Restriction of customer data. A sales representation of Sales org A has no business with customers of sales org B so there is no point in exposing the customer information to this representative.

Segmentation Usage

The usage is necessary for the following reasons:

  • To control which users are able to access & process which segmentation elements (if authorization concept is being used.)
  • As a search criterion for graphical modeling,

For segmentation process in SAP CRM, each element of segmentation like segmentation model, segment, target group, and selection and attribute list must be assigned to a usage to use the authorization concept of segmentation usage and segmentation basis. These are the standard segmentation usage categories in SAP CRM 7.0.You can create your Own customized segmentation usage but you have to select one of these categories.

  • Campaign execution
  • Segmentation basis
  • Product proposal
  • Processing group for business routing
  • Business partner group for business routing
  • Conditions
  • Partner authorization group
  • Data quality administration
  • High-volume segmentation
  • High-volume segmentation basis

  The need for additional usages depends on the way the organization wants to use the authorization through segmentation usages. Generally organizations use Sales area (sales org, distribution channel & division) data for segmentation authorizations. So a separate set of segmentation usage is created for each sales area.  

Configuration of Segmentation Usage & Segmentation Basis

1.    Go to SPRO:

2.    Create Segmentation Usage for Each Customer Center/Company Code:  Make SB Mandatory For the Z Seg usage types , there would be 3 seg type for each Company code/customer center in this scenario.

3.    Go to PFCG: Here the segmentation usage would be controlled for that user. CRM_SEGTYP authorization object would be used.

Here you can see that we have maintained the Z segment usage for this user in authorization object CRM_SEGTYP. This user can not user other segmentation usages in CRM. We can also control the activities for these seg types but here we have given all activity authorizations.

4.    Creation of Segmentation Basis: Here this user can only use assigned Segmentation basis usage. You can see that in drop down.

As per our convenience, first we will create target group for each Customer center/company code/authorization sales area and then we can create Segmentation bases from those TGs.

You can directly create a segmentation basis in SAP GUI also. In the standard delivery, the following programs are used to create segmentation bases:

  • B2B/B2C
  • Country Distribution
  • Territory Management
  • All Business Partners by Channel Partner
  • From Target Group

Here I am creating a test Seg Basis from territory.

Creation of Segments in Web UI:

1.    Profile Set : Here only assigned segment usages are available to this user & system prompts that it is necessary to maintain Segmentation basis with this segment usage.

Only assigned Segmentation basis is displayed in F4 pop up (USA in this case).

2.    Profile & Target Group

Here, even the attribute list would be restricted by segment usage. We need to assign usage while creating attribute lists. That is why we would need to create separate “Attribute list” for each customer centre/company code/Authorization sales areas.

Here, even the attribute list would be restricted by segment usage. We need to assign usage while creating attribute lists. That is why we would need to create separate “Attribute list” for each customer centre/company code/Authorization sales areas.

We can use segmentation usage (110000) for maintenance of attribute lists if we do not want to maintain separate attribute lists for each sales area. Same attribute lists would be used for all sales areas if attributes lists are assigned to this segmentation usage.

Updating segmentation bases

For segmentation bases that we have created in Customizing, the update is already scheduled from the outset. For other segmentation bases, we must regularly schedule the update as a background job using the report CRM_MKTTG_TREX_UPDATE.

Segmentation basis is a very powerful tool in SAP CRM which can be used by organizations for Marketing & sales authorizations as well as for enhanced performance of the CRM system.

This concept can be used efficiently in large corporations where the number geographical sales organizations are very high. Customer data of one sales organization would not be accessed by sales representative of another sales organization.


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