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I would like to share one of the issue I faced in my project while working on SAP WCEM server. It took very long time for us to resolve the issue. In this document I want to describe the issue and the resolution steps.

Our Business users are using SAP WCEM Web shop applications to order the products. They are facing Sevier performance issue while accessing the web shops. We have observed lot of Out of Memory dumps in the server. Memory consumption goes above 90%, and when it reaches 100%
WCEM server node gets restarted. Because of this the response time of the user request increases and sometime it gives 500 Session time out error. Due to this behavior  our users aren't able to complete their transactions on SAP WCEM system.

Below is the performance spastics when one user logged in to the WCEM server.

If you see the above screen shot , you can observe the memory allocated to user WCEM is 135,435.043 MB which is abnormal condition of the system.

After the initial analysis we raised an OSS note with SAP to resolve the issue. SAP has analyzed the issue and found one parameter which is causing the issue.

SAP has stated :

The heap dump does not indicate a problem with session management. The
biggest memory consumer are referencing data used to calculate the session size
when the feature ‘measureSessionSize’  is enabled. So I think the
'measureSessionSize' was the only cause for the performance issue on our

they asked us to follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

changed the property  'measureSessionSize/measurementEnabled' to “False” in our system

After setting this parameter to false the system performance is good and we don't found any out of memory issues in our system.