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Meeting with some of our healthcare analysts this week was a wonderful opportunity to validate strategy, ideas and direction, as well as getting together face-to-face with our SAP Healthcare team.

In a way I found myself back in university where I did an MBA focused on healthcare because the things we were talking about then in the 90’s, we are still talking about now – healthcare needs to be more cost-effective, healthcare needs to more accountable, healthcare needs to demonstrate
outcomes.  Today’s technology can of course support all of this analysis but most healthcare organizations are still not very close to this reality, 20+ years later, even though the capabilities of integration and visualization and mobility and access are all there.

Of course, nothing is as simple as that.  However, it does get frustrating knowing that so much opportunity exists, and how important it is that the healthcare system improves, yet we still seem to be stuck.  Our technology got glowing reviews but we just need to execute a bit better.  So back to business school again – focus on your strengths, focus on the customer and bringing them value.  In healthcare, it is all about relationships and working together to find solutions, and we at SAP are committed to that. 

So this week was a success – we listened and validated ideas and developed relationships.  We demonstrated that we have a very passionate healthcare team at SAP, and we certainly have the technology that will bring healthcare organizations to where they need to be in terms of operational efficiency, care collaboration, clinical delivery and the patient experience - we just need to focus and get back to the basics.

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