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SAP Fiori is everywhere these days. If you don't know what it is, I'd recommend to go through a few blog posts available here on SCN (non exhaustive list):

What is SAP Fiori

Fiori arrives - first impressions and thoughts

What is SAP Fiori? Maybe it's more than you think

SAP Fiori Wave 2 is here - so what's new ?

To sum it up very quickly Fiori allows end users to access some "transactions" from their mobile phone, tablet or desktop with the same user experience. All you need is a browser recent enough to display HTML5. As a SAP CRM consultant I wanted to give it a try and see what we can get with those ~10 apps dedicated to sales representatives... And the good news is: a few weeks ago I noticed this big orange button on to try Fiori for free!

In fact this button never worked for me: I was just directed to a page asking me to actually buy the whole package... So I contacted someone from SAP support, who asked me to contact someone else who knew the guy that heard someone tried Fiori etc. (you got my point ๐Ÿ™‚ But in the end I could finally get the links I was looking for (thank you Mr. enrique.espinosa๐Ÿ˜ž (americas) (emea) (asia pacific)

If you click on one of those links (depending on your location) and enter promotion code TRYFIORI during checkout, you'll be able to download everything you need to install SAP Fiori applications on your CRM system to test it during 45 days for free.

Edit 15th May 2015: links are not working anymore. You may wait for the cloud trial version to be released instead: SAP Fiori, Demo Cloud Edition

That's what I did, except that I didn't have any CRM7.0 EhP3 (minimum required) available. So I created a virtual machine on my laptop running Win7 64bits, with 8Go RAM and 120Go free hard drive. I must admit that the installation process went quite smoothly until I had to download support packages: can you believe that you need someone to "approve" your download basket via Solution Manager? I'll probably write another blog post about it because obviously I didn't need to install SolMan to complete my installation, however I did had to contact a friend with a valid user on SolMan to be able to download the needed files from SAP Service Marketplace (which makes me think that this is a cra**y piece of software otherwise SAP wouldn't have to force people to use it).

Anyway, now it's working fine so I began to create a series of video showing what it looks like. I'll update this blog post as soon as new videos are ready to go so don't forget to click the "follow" button or "receive email notifications" on the right hand side of the page if you want to get notified when new stuff is out ๐Ÿ™‚

Video 1 >> SAP FIORI for CRM: Getting started

Video 2 >> SAP FIORI for CRM: My appointments

Video 3 >> SAP FIORI for CRM: My appointments app vs WebUI calendar

Video 4 >> SAP FIORI for CRM: My accounts

Video 5 >> SAP FIORI for CRM: My tasks

Video 6 >> SAP FIORI for CRM: My opportunities


PS: for the record after everything was up and running, I downloaded the following OSS notes to fix a few bugs:

1878995    LPD: Display of further attributes in LPD_CUST

1907696    New synchronization functions in the launchpad

1927493    Mapping Formats are saved inconsistently

1928317    News Tile Drill Down image correction

1929563    ACE Checks for Contacts and Accounts

1930670    BP_SRV: Runtime error GETWA_NOT_ASSIGNED in FSBP_CNS_TYPE_HA

1930684    KPIs for Account FactSheet not available

1930800    Performance improvement 'resolvelink'in INTEROP Service

1930931    My Leads: Filtering the Search Results

1931051    SAPUI5 upgrade to version 1.16.4

1931635    Hotfix for UI AddOn 1.16.4 SC: UI2_SRVC

1931654    UI2_FND (SP06): Improving performance of Fiori Startup Page

1933579    UI2_FND, UI2_700 (SP06): Improving performance of UI2 Intero

1939288    Hotfix for UI AddOn 1.16.5

1939404    HTML 5 compability for IE 9 - meta tag "http-equiv" in "head" of popup; popup looks empty...