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Some of the solutions provided in discussions related to launching a URL are

i)   Opening a static URL in a new window with a button click.

ii)  Clicking a hyperlink on Web UI to open a static URL in a new window.

iii) Calling a transaction launcher URL in IFrame .

All of the above solutions are related to opening a URL in a new window and not in an assignment block.Through my blog, I am elucidating the approach of launching a URL with dynamic parameters in an assignment block. I am illustrating my explanation with Google Maps.


Below snapshot shows what we see when we navigate to the component after complete development. 

Example :

California state map – add California state in the ‘US State’ field and hit enter ( state information

will be passed to page attribute and then URL information will be passed to IFrame tag).

Component development details:

Create a component "Z_MAP_NAV" with MainWindow, then create two views - "MapView", "StateDet",

a viewset "MapViewSet" and an overview page "MapOvrPage".

Create a custom component "CuCoStateDet" with context node ‘STATES’ and then perform context node

binding to each of the above created two views - "MapView", "StateDet" context node ‘STATES’.

On completion , the below snapshot shows the final component structure .

Enhance SET_MODELS’ method of the View "MapView" implementation class to pass entered state

information to page attribute ‘State’.

       Page attribute "State" declaration details

Build the complete URL in view "MapView" htm page using page attribute ‘State’ and then pass URL to

IFrame tag.

After adding views to overview page and adding the overview page to window , the below snapshot shows

the final Runtime Repository.

Adjust overview page configuration to show both assignment blocks (StateDet, MapView)

Adjust view ‘StateDet’  configuration to show state field.