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In SAP CRM, service confirmations are used to confirm services and materials consumed, as well as travel, working times and expenses for services fulfilled.

In this blog we are going to discuss SAP CRM Service Confirmation and Integration with SAP ERP CATS.

Service Confirmation working hours are transferred to the following components in SAP ERP

Please refer to help for more information:


To enable service confirmation replication, the following configuration and prerequisites are required:

1)A Service Product must be entered at the item level to register working hours. Examples of service products that can be used are:

  • Labour

  • Repair

  • Driving


2) Dates/Times replicated  are based on using standard Date Types SRV_ACTUAL "Start of Work"  and SRV_ACT_TO "Date Work Ends" in Service Confirmation Items.

Please refer to the following SAP Notes for more information:

  • 494494 - Dates in the service confirmation

  • 452572 - Incorrect duration transferred from CRM to R/3

It is possible to use a customer Date Profile, however Date Types supported for replication are only “Start of Work” and “Date Work Ends”. System provides standard date profile SRV_RM_ITEM1 “ SAP Confirmation Service Item" with those date types.



3) An Internal Order (CO) is required in SAP ERP to post a service confirmation time entry. Internal Order must be created by preceding document (e.g. Service Order) to collect costs or by the service confirmation (Depending of the scenarios). A service confirmation without  preceding document triggers CO Integration.

Internal Orders can be checked using SAP ERP transaction KO03 - Display Internal Order.

In SAP ERP, Internal Orders from SAP CRM are saved in table IAOM_CRM_AUFK


4) Duration is required in the system to calculate “End Date" and "End Time”. Please ensure to have this field available in SAP CRM UI.


System uses duration to calculate “End Time". Time entries can be checked in SAP ERP Tx CAT2

Please notice that CATS supports only entries for single days (including night shifts). The difference between the start and end of work in the confirmation, therefore, cannot be more than 24 hours.


 4) Service Confirmations are replicated to CATS only with status “Completed”. This is controlled by function module CRM_SERVICE_I_CHECK_STATUS_EC. This means, even if you have a status profile with settings to avoid “Distribution Lock”, system won’t replicate service confirmation if internal status is not set to Completed.


When you set the Completed status, the system sets the corresponding To Be Distributed status. This status subsequently changes to Distributed if distribution is successful, or to Distribution Incorrect if distribution fails.

After Completed, no changes can be made on SAP CRM, only cancellation. A status “Completed” in SAP CRM means that it is final, and cannot be changed (in SAP CRM).



The CATS document is created with the confirmation. A release of the documents to CO can to be done automatically or in a second step depending on the CATS profile used.


5) Service Confirmation is replicated using SAP CRM Middleware, BDOC “BUS_TRANS_MSG”.

SAP ERP would send a notification wit the timesheet entry ID. The document flow between CRM and ERP  is displayed in the Transaction History of the Service Confirmation

In SAP ERP, Document Relationship Browser, transaction AlO1 is used to display linked objects. This transaction can be used to display the relationship between the CRM Service Confirmation and the SAP ERP Documents


6) Timesheet posting is performed based on partner function 00000052 “Executing Service Employee” in the Service Confirmation Item

Executing Service employee must be an employee in SAP HR (to get confirmed hours transferred to the cost center of the personnel number).

For successful replication, employee must be created with the following minimum infotypes in HR.

  • Actions (0000)

  • Organizational Assignment (0001)

  • Personal Data (0002)

  • Addresses (0006)

  • Planned working Time (0007)

  • Time Sheet Default Info Type (0315)

  • Time Recording Information (0050)


Other important functionality of Service Confirmation is the use of valuation type, service type and accounting indicator. The fields available at the item level allows employee to differentiate between:

  • Normal working hours and overtime (valuation type )

  • Experienced and non experienced working time (service type )

  • Warranty or free of charge items (accounting indicator l)


As described, SAP CRM offers full integration capabilities with CATS, however unless the pre-requisites are meet, the replication of service confirmation would fail. Certain configuration cannot be changed, since replication is based on predefined parameters (such as specific date types and partner functions).

For more information, please refer to the help: