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1. Background

Currently a lot of organization Use Google for the Work which is gives the access to E-mails, meeting and Work related collaboration .We have built a custom integration with SAP CRM for the contact’s Integration. This is giving the ease of operation to the users for creation of contacts and activities.We will not create any Accounts which we need to associate with the contacts.

2.  Creation of Contacts in Google

The contact is created in Google.

Google Details

First Name


Last Name




Job title


User will login in Custom Middleware and will try to Sync up the contact with SAP CRM.

Step 1: User will be authenticated by using user Authentication

Step 2 : We will try to map the contact with the existing Account in SAP CRM .We will get the possible list of Accounts from SAP CRM based on Name.




ABC Group

XXXX, Belle Chase Circle, SF

ABC Hospital

XXX, Times Square, NY

Step 3 . User will select the Account Mapping Confirmation to which he want to add relationship.

First Name


Last Name


E-mail Address

Account Name

Job Title

Step 4. If there are any duplicates in SAP CRM, then those will be shown in the contact updating screen, and these Details will be updated to SAP CRM

Step 5. If there are no duplicates found then we will create a new contact in SAP CRM.