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The basics steps are first to define a Catalog, then Code Group Profiles and finally defining a subject profile.

1. Follow the following SPRO path:

2. Define Catalog:

    Define a catalog for every level of hierarchy level. (3 catalogs will create a 3-level categorization)

3. Next, define Code Group Profiles:

     Select the Catalog (defined in the previous step) and create a Code Group for it.
     One Code Group per Catalog.

     Proceed by creating Codes for your Code Groups.
     One Code for every value (values are per Catalog)

4. Next, define a Subject Profile

    Create a new Subject Profile. (One per Code Group Profile)

    Assign the relevant Code Group Profile and Code Groups

Lastly, log into CRM Web UI with the IC_MANAGER Business Role and find the Create Categorization Schema under the Knowledge Management Work Center:

Create a new Schema and make sure to assign it the appropriate Subject Profile:

Make sure here to declare the appropriate valid-from and valid-to dates in order to activate.

   Define your entire schema and save.

Assign to a transaction type and enjoy