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So this time around I thought I'd talk about my experience with SAP Cloud Certification (pssst and by that I mean the most sought after ERP certification - ta daaa --- SuccessFactors).

I'm sure everyone wants to know how they can get certified, so here goes. This is the link that will get you started  - Training and Certification shop. Prerequisites are a S-User I.D. and a password to go with, you could write in to for help. To gain access to the HUB you've got to fill out a form with your details including that of your credit / debit card - didn't think it was free now did ya ;), well it's quite an expensive affair folks ! Anyway so once the form is filled out and submitted we gain access to the certification HUB on a yearly subscription basis. A heads-up, the course / exam code you need to enter while filling the form is CER006, this denotes certification in the cloud and isn't indicative of the actual certification you intend to take.

You're first required to login to activate the S-User I.D.after which you've got to verify your S-User I.D. assignment to the the Training and Certification Web Shop Account. Now or the link I provided earlier, then click on the following : Certifications -- Access Certification Hub.

You finally arrive at the actual SAP Certification Hub screen - this page contains a lot of information such as certifications available and getting ready for the exam. In order to take the exam you need to have the Questionmark Secure browser installed. This ensures all applications are closed while taking the exam and also conducts a tech spec check of your system in terms of the webcam, microphone, internet speed. This will answer a lot of questions you probably have : Taking the SAP Certification in the Cloud Exam. From there move on to the Exam Dashboard which has all the exams enlisted, this is also where you get to schedule an appointment. Take your pick - once done you will get a confirmation about the allotted date and time - its imperative you schedule the exam according to your locale.

Well, mine was a 180 min exam with 80 questions, objective type, you have sample questionnaires you could download off the site.

It was a gruelling 120 minutes for me - so gear up and study for your certification despite how many implementations you've been through because it's a different ball-game altogether.

More coming your way.

If you've got questions for me - comment below.