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SSC is a new module which is getting popular in SAP variant configuration area.

SSC comes up with many good solutions to do complex modelling for products.

SSC modelling environment is known as SME(Solution Modelling Environment) which has the options to make more complex modelling. It is more similar to PME(Product Modelling Environment) of IPC.

SME modellers requires OOPS concept to create classes and its relations using SME. SME developers can use Eclipse IDE to do the developments. Master data will be downloaded to SME, and will be stored in the database connected to the SME local work space.

SME provides plugin to connect to the ECC or CRM , from where we can download master data and do modelling using that in SME.

once modelling is done we can do the testing of the model using the simulation environment available in SME.

The completed model from SME can be uploaded to ECC or CRM, and that will be available in the table comm_cfgkb.

SSC UI is more similar to IPC UI. SSC UI uses struts frame work and will be in J2EE stack of SAP NWA server.

SSC is not part of VMC of ABAP stack, we have to set up jobs from ECC/CRM, depends which system we use for the masterdata. These jobs will transfer masterdatas i.e kb's and all its details to EJB database of SSC, which resides in J2EE stacks.

SSC UI will communicate to this database and will get all modelling details in UI.

Currently pricing part is still handled by IPC, and SSC UI makes internal calls to IPC of VMC, which is in ABAP stack.

SSC can afford models comes from SAP-VC, i.e. from ECC system. We can configure models which makes use of instances of VC models and SSC models.

SSC provides very good options to make complex product solutions, which has multiple products and different combinations.

I will come up with more on this in my next blogs..!

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