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Pricing condition records Replication Check in ECC & CRM

This document help in checking and comparing pricing condition table in ECC and CRM system.

ECC Steps:

Step 1: Log to ECC system and go to Tcode V/06.

Step 2: From here select the condition type you are looking at. Double click on the condition type and note down the access seq.

Step 3: Go to V/07. Select the access seq. you obtained in previous step and double click on "Accesses". Here   you will come to know the condition table numbers. Note down the table numbers. (example: 020)

Step 4: Select Table and double click on fields.

Note: SAP Standard pricing tables’ starts from 1-500 are and 501 - 999 are customer specific tables.

CRM Steps

Step 1: Log to CRM system and go to Tcode SE16 and Type CNCCRMPR*20 and Choose F4 from.

Step 2: You should find an entry which looks like CNCCRMPRSAP020.

Step 3: Query the table with input parameters like Product or Sales Org. You should find the records.

If you fail in step 3, it means that the table itself has not come to CRM. For this do DNL_CUST_CNDALL with OPEN client (go to SCC4 and there Double click on your client. There "NO CHANGES ALLOWED" should not have been selected. If it is so, consult your basis team and explain that DNL_CUST_CNDALL should be done on open client. (Repeat this even if you have already done that)

If you fail in step4, try downloading DNL_COND_A*** adapter Objects. *** stands for the ECC condition table captured from ECC (step3). Tcode: R3AS and to Status check Tcode R3AM1.

If you still are unable to find the record in the database table level, check for the log in SLG1 Tcode in CRM system. This gives you an idea of what's wrong.