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The aim is to transport the organizational system from the reference client (usually Development system / customizing reference client ) to all other systems and/or clients (Quality, Production...)


  • Gain of time: no need of manual recreation of organizational units on each new system/client.
  • User-friendly: on each environment, the ID of organizational units (and integrated business partners) are the same.
  • Consulting-friendly: some customizings like determination of pricing procedure depends on the ID of organizational unit. If you have same ID of organizational units between the differents system, you don't have to open the target client for customizing and change it manually.


ID of organizational unit and ID of integrated business partners are synchronized (same ID) for the following reasons:

Steps of implementation

1/ Customizing in source system

Apply the steps described in Organizational model: how to synchronize ID between organizational unit and business partner

2/ Customizing in target system

Apply the steps of step 1/ with one exception: the organization unit must be external and not internal.

It's mandatory to fill the 'EX' range number, and it's recommanded to delete the 'IN' range number in customizing path: SPRO > Customer Relationship Management > Master data > Organizational management > Number range maintenance > Maintain number range number. The values 'From' and 'To' are the same between the source system and the target system

3/ Run program RHMOVE30

Fill the variant with '01' as plan version, 'O' as object type and don't forget the task of Transport Order. Flag 'Transport objects'.

You get the list of organizational units, select the ones you want to transport: usually all of them.

Click on icon "Transport/Delete": the content is added in the task.

It can be checked in transaction code SE10:

4/ Transport the OT/Task to target system