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Dear Friends,

I wrote this Idea on Influence Portal, hope you like and support, here is the link and summary:



Currently when field or Table is added through AET, BDOC is triggered automatically. But many times we create the field and Table to store information in CRM only, there is no need to repliacte those information to ERP system. But nevertheless BDOC is alwyas created at the time changing the values, which is creating unnecessary burden on Middleware and further processing / editing of the transaction. Example scenario:


  1. One Table was added through AET just to save time of creating value nodes and assignment pages /views, the values are not required in ERP.

  2. when changing the values of Table, it is creating BDOC and the transaction is locked till the BDOC is not processed, which has impact on user efficiency and further processing of the transaction.

  3. If we need to stop BDOC, we need to write extra logic in BADI or suitable place.

Therefor it would be great if we habe flag "BDOC Required" at AET level (at the time Field or Table creation) which would create BDOC if the flag is selected.


Describe current pain points and obstacles

    1. BDOC is created unnecessarily

    2. Transaction is not editable till the BDOC is processed

    3. Impact on User Efficiency

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