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My experience at SAP TechEd 2019:

Hi All,

I got opportunity to attend SAP TechEd 2019 held in Las Vegas as a speaker from my company. SAP TechEd gives opportunity to learn and get latest updates of SAP’S Solutions, future road map of various products, best practices through lectures, meetup talks, code jams and hands-on sessions, that helps to strengthen your knowledge and career, you can meet new people, exchange the information and build your network with SAP’s experts.

I would like to give some technical updates, which I observed during the conference.

In the key note, SAP Chief Technology Officer and Executive Board Member Juergen Mueller takes the stage to discuss leading concepts and technologies of the intelligent enterprise including key end-to-end business processes infused with intelligence. Together with his guests, Juergen shows how SAP is evolving the digital platform into a business technology platform, ensuring out-of-the-box integration, modularity, ease of extension, and consistent experience across business processes in an intelligent enterprise.

SAP Announced General Availability of SAP Intelligent Business Process Management, announced Multiple Extension Enhancements on SAP Cloud Platform, Enriched Capabilities for SAP Cloud Platform Integration Suite, new Release of SAP Conversational AI Enables Seamless Integration of Chat bots, new functionalities in SAP S/4HANA, SAP Releases Predefined Best Practices to Accelerate Intelligent Robotic Process, SAP Graph, Fiori 3, Data intelligence platform, SAP Cloud service, SAP Analytics cloud.

Let us see few general details below, which I observed during the conference.

SAP Graph:

SAP announced the restricted beta version of SAP Graph as a Unified API Layer to simplify the management, development, integration of API’S. SAP Graph can be used by any SAP, Non SAP applications to share data, processes securely. SAP Graph software addresses the complexity of having to deal with a multitude of APIs when working with SAP applications across the entire intelligent suite.

Launch of SAP Fiori 3:

SAP Fiori 3 is SAP’s latest version for UI design for all SAP products to support the intelligent suite running on any device. It is available to companies to develop their own apps, which can be viewed in desktops, mobiles or any device. It has new theme with a fresh, modern look and feel with integrated features like natural language interaction and machine intelligence to fully support the Intelligent Suite.

S/4 HANA Embedded with SAP Analytics cloud (SAC):

Along with S/4 HANA Cloud Platform SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is provided to create dashboards, stories directly within S/4 HANA. You can view the visualization in fiori Launchpad, without moving out of S/4 HANA.SAP Analytics cloud will be embedded in all cloud solutions like SAP C/4 HANA, Concur, Ariba, success factors etc.

SAP Data Intelligence Introduction:

To build machine-learning models SAP released SAP Data Intelligence an evolution of SAP Data hub and Machine learning platform. SAP data Intelligence enables AI and machine learning projects to move from proof of concept to production, using trusted and transparent data. With SAP Data Intelligence, companies can transform valuable data from any source into critical insight to drive better business outcomes.

With this, developers can connect to various SAP, Non SAP Sources, develop the data pipelines, Machine learning models, and deploy them (Complete life cycle management). This allows data scientists to use python programming with Jupyter notebooks, tensor flow programming within the data intelligence platform. Data Intelligence is now generally available.

Machine learning within S/4 HANA, C/4 HANA:

Machine learning is embedded in S/4HANA, C/4 HANA, Success Factors, Ariba and Concur .SAP is still investing to create machine-learning cases in to SAP Applications. By the end of 2019, there will be 200 live use cases.

SAP Cloud Platform: SAP is focusing on SAP HANA Cloud, SAP Data ware house on cloud, SAP analytics cloud services.

SAP HANA Cloud Services – A Single Gateway to All Your Data, to manage all data storage, federation and run applications. SAP HANA cloud got new features like Real time data anonymization, encryption, data masking, data tiering and automatic scaling based on workload.

SAP Data warehouse on cloud is the new cloud solution to meet future demands, to integrate big data technologies and any type of data, to scale out to high volumes of data along with on premise solution support. SAP Data warehouse on cloud will be tightly integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud, so that we can build interactive stories directly on SAP Data warehouse cloud models easily.

The New SAP Analytic cloud solution arrived with powerful enhancements made to key areas including augmented analytics, analytics designer, enterprise planning, and embedded analytics.

SAP Analytics cloud is the strategic analytics cloud platform for all SAP business applications to make decisions faster with AI/ML driven augmented analytics (smart insights, smart discovery, smart predict).Collaborative enterprise planning can be done using advanced predictive techniques.

Analytics designer: To build complex interactive dashboards and dedicated development environment with advanced scripting capabilities, consumption of OData service, Support planning capabilities with scripting access.

The data analyzer is a predefined ready-to-run service for SAP BW queries. The data analyzer uses SAP BW live connections created in the tenant of SAP Analytics Cloud. All SAP BW queries can be accessed directly in the Select Data Source dialog and no additional model is created.

Partnership between SAP and Microsoft: The new block chain technology partnership between SAP and Microsoft offers customers greater flexibility to build and consume block chain-powered applications.

True pay as you go model announced which will be available in North America first for all the solutions of SAP Cloud platform.

Not only above-mentioned details, we have lot of best practices lectures, meetup talks, code jams and hands-on sessions that helps to get all the new updates. My presentation experience was too good; it was lively, engaging, educative session, great interaction with audience. I would say that overall it was a great experience for me being at the TechEd with happy learning.