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In the last two parts of the series I have discussed about the steps about DQM integration. In this section I will discuss about the additional functionalities provided by DQM which could be activated.

DQM provides the following functionalities in addition:

  • Duplicate business partner check can be activated based on the address fields. The functionality can be activated in the following IMG : SPRO > SAP NetWeaver>Application Server>Basis Services>Address Management>SAP BusinessObjects Data Quality Management> Activate/Deactivate DES functionality
  • Maintain fields for duplicate hit list displays : This IMG setting describes the fields which should be shown for identification if duplicate business partner is identified
  • Geoloc services can also be activated with DQM. Geoloc services updates the latitude and longitude of an address.
    • The following settings needs to be done in the IMG :SAP NetWeaver>General settings>Set Geocoding>Register Geocoding Program in the System

    • Assign Geocoding Program to Countries : In this setting the Geo program is assigned to the country

  • In addition there are a list of mass programs provided for cleanup of address. The main program for this process is /FLDQ/RSADRINI which can be scheduled for the initial cleanup of address.

This brings an end to the series of DQM integration with SAP CRM.  Hope the information provided is helpful to the community.