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Following are the Configuration steps if you want map custom Business Partner relationship category in SAP CRM to Partner Function in SAP ECC Customer master

For example : if you are mapping "Has the Primary Location" Relationship Category on SAP CRM Business Partner to "Primary Location" Partner function on Customer in SAP ECC. You can use these steps to configure your own SAP CRM Business Partner Relationship Categories and Map that Partner Functions in SAP ECC.

Test case :




TX : XD03

Following are the Customizing settings in SAP CRM and SAP ECC.


  • Step 1.  Go to "Properties of Business Partner Relationship Categories"

  • 2.     Press F8

  • 3.   Click on Business Partner Relationship Categories

  • 4.  SAP CRM SPRO :

     Go to "Define Partner Functions"

  • 5. Press F8

  • 6.    SAP CRM SPRO

Go to "Data Transfer'

  • 7  Press F8 : "Distribution of Partner Functions from SAP ECC into CRM"

  • 8 Press F8:  "Distribution of Partner Functions from CRM to SAP ECC"

Now go to ECC

  • 9   SAP ECC SPRO

            Go to "Partner Determination"

  • 10     Press F8:

  • 11 Select  Partner Determination Procedure "ZAG"12

  • 12  Double click on "Partner Functions" on the left

  • 13  Mapped Partner Function "ZP"

Note : The above Customizing steps are related to Mapping only. Assumption is that Partner Functions and Partner Determination Procedures are already defined in SAP ECC system.