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Hey guys,

I have already got this articles published on SAPTechnical but I think it's time to get to through SAP Blog. So here it is.. Here is an innovative idea in CRM. Function Module that is being used in this article is not even there on Google. Do give that a try. As the title suggests this article is related to the printing of duplicate service ticket. This approach is somewhat different.

Steps are simple, all you have to do, is use the standard function module.


  1. We need a selection screen to get service ticket number as an input.
  2. We need to get the GUID of the entered ticket number
  3. Then, we will call a function module (Standard) to get all the table being used in the Smartform
  4. Finally, we will call the Smartform to give our desired output.


We need a selection screen as shown below. Better make this select option as obligatory.

Now we need to declare some data which is required for calling Standard function module. Here is how you would do it.

Now we need to get the GUID of the service ticket, can be easily accessed from CRMD_ORDERADM_H (service ticket header table)

Now we will use this Function module to extract service ticket information. Only difference betweenCRM_TEMPLATE_SINGLE_READ and CRM_OUTPUT_SINGLE_READ is the name of the Smartform. All you need to give is the GUID of the ticket and you are done. For example:

This will give us all the data residing in service ticket form. Just a note: This function module can also be used to serve reporting purpose but for the time being I am using it as printing purpose.

Finally, I will call my smartform by passing all the tables and will print it.

This will give me output as follows.

This input will generate the following output.

You are done with printing of service ticket without using standard T-cod i.e. CRMD_ORDER.


Printing of duplicate service ticket in CRM is requirement for almost every company. Standard transaction or WEBUI can’t serve this purpose. So, we need to find a way around that could fulfill our requirement.

At last: One did you know fact: SAP_CORBU theme is named after Le Corbusier, the Swiss architect?

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