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Some business requires to have SMS capability for high volume campaigns but SAP by standard does not support this channel. The only channels supported are Email  and File export. You could alternatively use low volume SMS but for a business with large customer base there can be impact in its performance. This document will explain the work around through which you can activate the SMS capability in the high volume campaigns as well. Please note we will be using the external vendor for sending the SMS.

Create communication medium

Create a new communication medium of method type Internet mail and name the description as 'High Volume SMS". We will re-use the email communication method instead of file export so that we can maintain the SMS body with the mailform template. Also you can have dynamic attributes to these mailform types.

SPRO path: Customer Relationship Management->Marketing->Marketing Planning and Campaign Management->Campaign Execution->Define Communication Medium

Code Modifications

There are two things that we need to modify in the code.

- First we need to add mobile number field to the campaign output file.

- Secondly remove the BP filtering logic. Since we are using the email channel, the standard logic filters out those BPs that does not have the email ID. We do not need this logic for SMS.

CL_CRM_MKTHV_CORE_EXE=>CREATE_FILE - This class method is responsible for creating the campaign output file (.CSV) and here you can add the mobile number attribute.

CL_CRM_MKTHV_FILTER=>APPLY - Enhance this class method and remove the bp filtering if the channel type used is SMS (i.e. ZTSE) which is created in the above step. Use parameter IT_MKT_ELEMENT_LIST for the reading the campaign guid. With this guid we will be able to read the channel type.

Campaign setup and output files

Create a campaign and select the communication medium as 'High volume SMS'.

Execute the campaign and generate the output files. This process would generate a bunch of files which are necessary for sending the correspondence. Each of those files needs to be transferred to the vendor system for processing. You need to make sure that the mobile number is included in the .CSV file. Because of the above enhancements the mobile number should get automatically added to .CSV file whenever you use the SMS channel.

Hope this document was helpful.