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Recently while exploring some of the key features of trade promotion management (TPM) in CRM 7.2, I came across "Deals".I was also looking for a tool (standard) which I can use to plan my promotion on a higher level .Deals are not much different than promotions ( technically) and there is hardly any configurations required to set it up in the system.

Deals can be of two types-

1.Individual Deals  -- Deals for a single accounts

2.Deal Hierarchies – Deals for account hierarchies (changes made to the higher-level deals can be cascaded to the lower-level deals)

Some Key Features of Deals:

  • Information distributed from Marketing Managers to Account  Managers
  • A template for Trade Promotions.
  • A guideline to create Trade Promotions for customers
  • Deal creation and maintenance only in CRM Enterprise
  • Modification of Deal information in a Trade Promotion
  • Deal and Promotion Planning information in BW
  • Support for ongoing communication processes between the Trade Marketing Managers and the Account Managers in an easy to use and secured environment

A graphical representation of how Deal works is provided below -

Let us assume we have a 4 level account heirarchy as shown in the figure below.We can first create a Deal at level 1 heirarchy node .The marketing manager then generates a deal hierarchy upto a level he choses.He can also do top down planning using some of the standard key figures like Discount/SU or Budget.If the marketing manager changes a higher-level deal, he or she can cascade the changes to lower-level deals when he or she saves the deal, or preview the changes before saving by choosing Cascade Change.

The marketing manager then releases the top-level deal and then notifies the key account managers (KAMs).The KAMs review the deals and negotiate trade promotions with the accounts. They generate trade promotions from the deal, using deal planning data as a guideline. The account managers must enter a planning profile group for the trade promotion, and can enter planning data at the product level.If the marketing manager changes the deal hierarchy after the KAM has generated trade promotions, the changes are not cascaded to the trade promotions

Deal Overview

Planning in Deal

Once the Deal is saved and released , the KAM can create promotions from the Deal.Data copied or defaulted from a Deal to a Trade Promotion:

  • Trade Promotion ID
  • Customer hierarchy node
  • Basic data
  • Dates
  • Texts
  • Documents
  • Channels
  • Segments
  • Products
  • Product Catalog
  • Planning Data
  • Trade Spends
  • Partners

Promotion copied from Deal

The KAMs can now further process and plan the promotions.

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