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Recently we had a client requirement on how to send an email created using CRM Mail forms containing client logo and other promotional images outside client’s network. 

For example: When we create a custom mail form with images(Client Logo) , Email is successfully transmitted including images when the recipient email id is within clients network, but email does not contain any images when the same mail is sent to a customer using other mail client like Gmail or Hotmail.

Requirement in Detail:

1) Mail forms are used to send tailored marketing information to target groups or to lists of marketing prospects. The system tailors the information based on the mail form, and           the current master data for the business partners in the specified target groups, or the data for the marketing prospects

2) Mail forms also provide the option to insert images for promotion or company logo’s.

3) When we insert any image using mail form, this image gets saved in content server of mime repository in SAP and due to security constraint this image will not be accessible      outside the network.

For E.g. we have inserted an Image in Mail form using “Insert Picture” (highlighted in yellow) option. When we select Design source option (Highlighted in green) we can see the image gets inserted using content server of Mime Repository.

4) This becomes a challenge because content is stored in SAP system and security team cannot allow the folders to be accessed outside of clients network.


The simple solution which I could come up with is to edit the html source of mail forms and replace only the image path from Content server to an open server file path, by replacing the image path email client will be able to access the image content when the mail is sent outside the network of client.

Steps Involved:

1) Create a folder in client web server and upload all the images in that folder.

2) Test all the image path in your web browser to make sure that the image is visible.

3) Image Path will be somewhat like this. /images/image1.png

4) Replace this image path with the path of content server.

5) For E.g. replace the highlighted path of Content server with the file path where image’s has been uploaded.

     HTML Syntax to insert an Image:



     <img src = “<folder name>/<FILE PATH NAME ON WEB SERVER>” alt=” “>



6) Save the mail form and trigger an Email using an id which is outside client’s network.

7) Validate if image is visible in SOST transaction.

😎 Validate if image is visible in other mail client.