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  • Introduction

I faced this issue when I was asked to get all individual customers' birth dates from the SAP ERP database to C4C. At a glance, it seemed like it was an easy task and only additional mapping would be needed for fulfilling customer requirements. But It was not as easy as it looked. I have checked the integration and the mapping was there.


On the ERP side customer's birth dates were maintained in GBDAT Field, This field corresponds to the Business Partner's contact person.

  • SAP Cloud Integration

As I mentioned in the introduction GBDAT - BirthDate mapping was there. but the problem was still alive. When I tried to replicate each individual customer manually all data was replicated, but not the Birth date.

GBDAT-BirthDate Mapping

After further investigation, I discovered that there was another mapping that was standing in my way (E1KNVKM-ContactPerson)

E1KNVKM-ContactPerson Mapping

This Mapping Considers STKZN field From SAP ERP and depending on the value of the field it decides whether send or not this segment to the target message.

STKZN Field by itself is for defining if the customer is an individual person or not.

On the first try, I configured it so that the integration flow ignored this mapping but then I got an error in C4C, it said that the received customer record was not expected to be an individual.

  • Solution

After a couple of tries, I decided to create a new field for customer birth date in C4C, I will not deep dive into how to create custom fields in c4c because there are tons of learning materials about this topic.

The main point here is to add that newly created field in the web service we use in the Cloud integration Iflow. To make so you have to go into adaptation mode, right-click on the new custom field, and on the right side you will see this label open, (You will need to make one step back and get to the screen like that)

Adaptation Mode

After You click the edit button you will be redirected to the field editor screen, where you will be able to add this field to the web-services.

Adding the Field to the web service

Next, we have to download WSDL for this service and upload it to the Cloud Integration. You can download service WSDL from Administratior>Communication Arrangements.

After You have the WSDL downloaded You must upload it to the Cloud Integration and make the new mapping.

Mapping and upload of the new WSDL

In the right corner, you can see a little pencil marked on the above screen, from there you can delete the old WSDL and upload the new one.

In the above screen, you can see the mapping Configuration where GBDAT and CustBDate are mapped and ERP KUKLA Field is also considered, I needed to consider KUKLA because my customer has individual customers and also Corporate accounts, and in case of corporate accounts they do not need birth dates.

So, In this blog post, we discussed how to get birth dates for individual customers from SAP ERP to SAP C4C using SAP CI. How to get WSDL for CI mapping and how to map ERP and C4C fields using the CI Mapping tool.

Hope this article helps.
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