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In the CRM webui users might have maintained their own personalized view and if you have made any changes to the view screen,then the changes will not be

applied to those users,unless they click the button ‘reset to default’ in the personalization screen.

So you need to inform the users about the new view,this can be done by the following steps

1.Determine the users who had maintained the personalized view of specific component/page by checking table BSPC_DL_PERSSTOR.

(This table has fields-User Name,Component Name,Page,Role Config. Key,Component Usage,Object Type,Object Subtype,Configuration type and more)

2.After getting the result lists,inform the specific users to delete their personalized view by clicking the button ‘reset to default’


If you want to delete users personalized view, then goto SE38->program:BSP_DLC_DELETE_PERSONALIZATION->execute(F8).

You can input fields for instance the component, viewname and rolekey of the personalized views to be deleted.