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Hi All,


I was searching in SCN how to configure Account Factsheet and i thought i can create a blog about configuration for Account Factsheet.

I hope this blog will be useful.

The fact sheet provides you with an immediate and condensed overview of information about business partners taken from several sources such as business partner master data, statistical and transaction data, derived from SAP CRM, SAP ECC, and SAP NetWeaver BI. It enables you to see quickly and easily the most important details about your key customers.


There are standard factsheet available, if we need custome we can create our custom factsheet according client requirements


Where it is used?


After confirming the Account in Account Identification page when user navigated to Factsheet user will get all the details about the confirmed account in IC roles


How to configure?


Step1: In SPRO Tcode open Maintain factsheet under CRM-> UI Framework -> UI Framework Definition -> Fact sheet -> Maintain Fact sheet

Step2: In Factsheet maintain custome factsheet name

Step3: Choose your custom Factsheet and then click on View Assignments and assign the views which all will be needed to show it in Factsheet

Step4: Choose Layout if you need custom layout then maintain your custom one with how many rows and colum otherwise use standard layout.

Step5: Maintain Grid layout definition for the layout ( if custom )

Step6: Create a logical link for your custom Factsheet, parameter should be your custom factsheet ID and target ID should be BSP_DLC_FS


Step7: Change the logical link ID for Object type ACCOUNTFACTSHEET in Maintain Outbound plug mappings for your custom Navigation bar profile with the custom logical link ID


Step8: Now the configuration of view for Factsheet should be done in Component BSP_DLC_FS component


Open BSP_DLC_FS component in tcode BSP_WD_CMPWB

Choose factsheet view and click on configuration tab


Here choose your custom factsheet fromdropdown and click on Seacrh


Step9: here click on New button and give your Role config key and click next

Step10: In Next step choose Page type as Tile and choose your standard or custom layout maintained in step5




Step11: Then in Assign Views choose each tile and assign views from available views


Step12:click on configuration on each view and create configurations for the views with proper component usage and object type


Step13: Click on finish to complete configuration


After the configuration is done for the factsheet the maintained view will be shown in the Factsheet in your Business role WEBUI