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HCI – Demo – Consuming Synchronous Web Services in SAP Cloud for Customer via HANA Cloud Integration


The below blog post highlights how to consume a synchronous web service for integration via SAP HANA Cloud Integration


It is technical demonstration of basic custom iFlow scenario. We are going to implement currency conversion scenario via HCI. Since the same WSDL will be used for triggering the SOAP request, HCI will act as a pass through.



Eclipse with HCI plug-ins

Tenant ID and access to HCI


1. Import WSDL

Open and download the WSDL.

Remove the highlighted part

Import this WSDL in a SOAP UI project.

  1. HCI Activities

Open Integration Designer perspective. In the menu, Window → Open Perspective → Others

Create a new project of type Integration Project

Select Sender system and go to properties

Drag and drop your previously saved WSDL in src.main.resources.wsdl.

Now open Sender channel and select SOAP as a sender type

In Adapter Specific tab, mention a URL in the Address. This URL will be used by the sending system to send the message to your iFlow and also specify recently imported wsdl as well.

Open receiver channel and specify SOAP adapter and in Adapter Specific setting provide below settings.

Now save the iFlow, right click

If there are any errors you will see it in the Console. Otherwise, select Deploy Integration Content.

On successful deployment, you will see below in Console

  1. Runtime

Open Integration Operations Perspective

Select your node and open Deployed Artifacts tab, your project will be listed there.

Now double click on VM in Node explorer and open the services tab

Find your service and copy paste its URL in SOAP UI and trigger a message

If the scenario is successful a response message is generated with the current exchange rate.

This message can also be checked in the message monitoring in Eclipse.