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Requirement: Orders with Minimum Order Quantity message are replicating to ECC. If order holds 10 line items and one of the line item has Minimum Order Qty maintained in product master, CRM order gives information message on update. Change Message Category from Information to Error!

Minimum Order Qty field in CRM Product Master

Minimum Order Quantity  "Information" message in Sales Order.

We have couple of options available in CRM to handle this issue:


We can use Item Category (Ex. TAN/AGN) Minimum Quantity Rounding flag to automate this process.

This check can be restricted to certain item category and no agent intervention is required to update the minimum order quantity and system will take care!!

Option 2:

Change Message Category  from "Information" to "Error".

With this change system raises error message on document update, if minimum order quanitity is not maintained for line items. Agent will manually change quantity data if customer agrees to buy minimum order quantity.

However if agent saves the order with minimum order quantity "Error" message, Order will not be replicated to ECC.


Search for Message Number and Application Area in Transaction Code SE91

Step 2

CRM- Transactions-Basic Settings-Define Attributes for System Messages

Maintain Degree of Details to Customer and Message Type to Error  for above message number/application.

Display Active check box will open message in new window!

Step 3:

Test Results: Minimum Order Quantity message in "Error"

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