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Form templates are powerful tools; used to provide record summaries or to output information to customers; such as when issuing a quotation.

More often than not there is a requirement to change the standard outputs.  There are two ways in which forms can be changed: ‘Easy Form Editor’ or Adobe Lifecycle Designer. 

Here, I’ll cover the Easy Form Editor.  The Easy Form Editor is used to make simple changes to forms; such as removal or addition of fields, relabelling of sections or fields.

Adobe Lifecycle Designer is used when more complex changes are required; such as removing/adding whole sections, adding custom developed fields or changing the layout of the form.

To make simple changes to a form, using the Easy Editor, locate your form and copy ‘As New Variant’.  It is possible to change the standard forms provided, however, I’d recommend always creating new variants and publishing these.  In this example I'll make changes to the Account Summary form.

Once you have created your variant, open the newly created form with the Easy Editor

The form will open with the form sections on the left and form output, including sample data, within the right hand pane

Any changes made to the sections or fields, can be previewed in the form output by selecting the ‘Refresh’ Button

When a section is selected on the left, the section fields/columns currently displayed on the form are shown

To remove a field/column from the form, change the Show attribute to ‘Do not show’ or highlight the element and click ‘Remove’.  The ‘Add’ button will allow for available fields, or blank lines, to be added to the form.

Labels can be altered to change fields or sections to meet the terminology of the organisation

Here, I have changed the header ‘Account’ label to ‘Customer’ and also removed fields such as ‘Industry’ and ‘Account Classification’

Once you’re happy with your changes, select ‘Publish and Close’ to publish the form and make this available to your users

My form variant is now available in language ‘English’.  It is possible to also create country variants

The form, including my changes, is now output when the Account ‘Summary’ is selected